European Focus Photography produces a stunning portfolio of your ancestor's town in Germany… German heritage? Get pictures of your ancestor's village in Germany from a professional photographer… European Focus Private Tours offers unforgettable European tours in Germany, England, France Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and more…
Photos of Germany Photos of Germany Photos of Your German Heritage Photography of Ancestral Homes

Photos of Ancestral Homes in Germany Photograph of a Shepard in Germany Photos of Half Timbered Homes in Germany German Woman Hangs a Sign Outide Her Home Castle in Germany German Man Looks Out Over Countryside Bridge in Germany

Names, dates and places brought to life in beautiful, professional photographs…

Now that you've discovered your ancestors' town of origin in Germany, you may be curious to know what their church, the countryside around their town and the buildings your ancestors would have seen every day of their lives in the "Old Country" look like.

European Focus has been providing the answers to these questions since 1990.

So you can't go to Germany, but you still want to see the town where your German ancestors lived before they emigrated… Well now you can!

See your ancestors’ place of worship and other important buildings that were standing when they lived in Germany. These professional photos are then displayed in a beautiful portfolio binder, which is 100 percent acid-free and archival-safe, with custom made pages and a complete description under each photo.

Learn about your European heritage. Your ancestral town in Germany is brought to life in beautiful, informative photographs that capture the town as your Germanic ancestors knew it.

Involve family members who may have had only a casual interest in your German ancestry. Photographs breathe new life into documents that may bore those not involved in genealogy and family research.

Build a connection to your ancestral town in Germany through in-depth reports that convey the atmosphere of your ancestral town and provide clues to expand your European research into new and exciting directions.

Learn more about these custom photo packages assembled by professional photographer, James Derheim. They make a truly unique keepsake of your ancestral town.
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Whether for the vacation of a lifetime, or a genealogy journey of discovery, European Focus Private Tours provides the opportunity to experience Europe in an unforgettable, intimate and individual way.

Tourists see Europe. Travelers who take one of these tours experience it! Reserve your tour now for 2006 or beyond!

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